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DSU Crowns 2018-2019 Royals

La’Shae Eden-Clemons

Dover, Delaware- Delaware State University has just crowned Raphael Jason-Morgan and Olivia Moncrieffe who will  serve as the university’s Mr. And Miss. D.S.U for the 2018-2019 academic school semester. The event took place on October 21st in the Education and Humanities Building and the coronation was the kick start of the university’s Homecoming events!


Miss DSU. Olivia Moncrieffe (left) & Mr. DSU Ralphael Jason-Morgan



(Raphael Jason-Morgan (front), 2015 Miss DSU Trina Stallings (back left), and 2017 Mr. DSU Kevin Perry (back right))

Raphael is a senior hailing from Harlem, New York and his platform that he will serve by during his reign will be WAVE. Wave stands for…. WE ARE VISIONARIES EXCELLING. He will also continue to live by one of his favorite quotes: “Work Like You’re Last, Even When You’re First.”


 (Olivia Moncrieffe waiving to the crowd as she walks towards the stage)

Olivia Moncrieffe is a senior hailing from Chester, Pennsylvania. Although she was raised in Chester, she is a native of the Caribbean Island Nation of Jamaica. Olivia’s platform during her reign is F.O.C.U.S: For Our Culture Unity & Survival. Olivia stated in her interview that: “I cannot believe this day has come. I have always dreamed of being Miss DSU ever since High School!”.



(La’Shae Eden-Clemons smiling as she waits to go on stage)

 La’Shae Eden-Clemons, a 20-year-old junior, was able to have the opportunity to be in this year’s coronation to represent her organization. She founded her own student lead organization on campus called En’Liven.

En’Liven serves as a platform to enlighten the lives of foster youth, the home free (homeless) and elderly in nursing homes/living assistant centers. La’Shae is very proud of her accomplishment and stated, “I am so blessed and honored to be able to be in coronation and to represent En’Liven!”.

Juwan Devone,  a Junior who plays on DelState’s football team was in attendance at this year’s coronation and  stated that he really enjoyed the ceremony and that, “am very proud of all the campus’s kings and queens.” He hopes to see everyone at the upcoming homecoming football game .  Excited about the game, Juman said: “We have a new head coach this year, coach Milstead, and we have been preparing hard for this game!


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