Is Society Too Dependent On Technology?

Imani Jeter

Do you think society is too dependent on technology? Yes, technology does make things easier and provide opportunities, but so many people still do not feel complete without having their phones by their side at all times. Technology has an effect on how we interact, our health, and ability to learn (education).

clog.phone_.platasPeople interacted way more before technology took off. Technology, first of all, has its way of isolating us from the world and it seems to be furthering our anti-social behavior. So many people are quick to grab their phones when they’re bored, instead of trying to interact with those around them. That’s simply because they don’t know how to anymore.

Moris, the author of “A Love Affair with Technology: Are We Too Dependent on Computers? says: “You will likely see people using their phones while they wait to meet up with friends, probably even while they’re with their friends. Neighbours no longer chat in the drive way, and people whip out their phone at every potential awkward moment.”

 The tremendous lack of interaction interferes with one’s social skills and ability to communicate.

Technology not only effect interaction, but our health too, mentally and physically.

tech-boundariesAccording to The Vision Council, “with an increase in digital technology, many individuals suffer physical discomfort after screen use for longer than two hours at a time.” Not only does this discomfort happen to adults, but to kids as well because instead of them being outside playing, they dedicate much of their time to TV and video games.

Having technology gives us access to social media, and this is where mental health problems come in. Yes, social media is a good way for us to communicate with friends and family, but what about the damage it could cause? There’s a lot of cyber bullying that happens, harassment, and that triggers more sadness. These things take a toll on individuals and are very life -threatening.

Lastly, education is very important and technology helps get so many things done in and outside of the classroom. However, so many people take the easy way out by instantly going to the internet for answers or help without using their minds to think and try for themselves.

639637280-612x612In the article, “Is Technology Affecting Teens’ Education Negatively?” Elizabeth Buttall, states that “One of the major concerns about technology in the classroom is that it prevents students from developing and using basic literacy, math, and communication skills, all of which are essential in both day-to-day living and working life.”

Technology has it pro’s and con’s, but it is very obvious that our generation relies on it way more than we should and this effects our abilities.

We have to stop thinking we need technology for everything. If people were able to accomplish so many things before technology took off, so can we.

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