DSU Alumni Association (DSUAA) Shows How to Give Back

Taylor Billinger

When students graduate they become alumni and sometimes are never seen again, until homecoming. On the bright side, DSU has some of the best alumni who support the growth of the university. Delaware State University is a thriving school, filled with the brightest students. Many are not educated about the importance of giving back, but they should because it makes a difference.

Former students don’t have the desire to give back to their alma mater because they have experienced issues through their college experience. Current students also feel the same, but that is not how it should be. Dr. Marcia Taylor, Executive Director of Alumni Relations, stated that sometimes alumni don’t know what issues the students are going through.

The Delaware State University Alumni Association (DSUAA) is an organization of DSU graduates and former students. The DSUAA exists to support Delaware State in its growth and quest for excellence. To this end, The DSUAA unites with the university through common interests, concerns and goals.dsuaa-logo

There is no stopping Delaware State University’s Alumni Association 2018-2020 president, Cliff Burrell, from doing his job. Since elected, he has made it his business to push for alumni to join. “My main goal is to first of all increase membership, engage alumni and build a working relationship with the University and students,” said Burrell. Burrell also stated that he not only wants to provide financial assistance to students, but mentoring assistance as well.

Homecoming is an extravagant event for the university; it is a time for alumni reunite. The football game is going on during the tailgate, while people are conversing and enjoying good food. Alumni love DSU and they love supporting the students. As a student, I love to connect with the alumni and give back, too. The alumni have already shown me the importance of why I should give back.

I am the president of a new organization on campus called The Student Philanthropy Council. The group shows and teaches the importance of giving back to the student body, and they also participate in community service. Students can learn about why giving back is important, because it is. Initially, the goal for the SPC is to raise money for student scholarships. So, by the time they reach their senior year, they know to be active and give back to the university.Real Official Logo

“Giving back is CRUCIAL, it is essential to give back to the University to help assure that each student has an opportunity to continue their education if financing is the only issue.”, said Burrell. He has a mission for the DSUAA and he wants all alumni to be a part of it. Burrell stated, “It’s an important time now for the DSUAA, change is on the horizon from the President, Athletic Director, Coaches and the DSUAA. We want to be a crucial part of this change to assure the continued growth in our beloved DSU.”

DSU is growing every year with amazing students, but when they leave, they leave the school behind. “We have to give back, so the school can keep going when we are gone,” said senior, Alysah Patterson. Generations have graduated from Delaware State University and there is no way DSU can be forgotten. The alumni care for the students and they want them to reach their full potential. That is what being a Hornet is all about!


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