Artificial Intelligence: An Opportunity for Human Society

Tiffany Harvey

Who would have thought that people in 2018 would be living in a world where technology would play a huge role in their daily activities? On October 16, 2018, ABC News reported that China has made it possible for travelers to check-in for flights and their baggage using facial recognition technology at Shanghai’s Hongqiao airport. As technology is evolving to help make people’s lives as simple as possible, artificial intelligence (AI) has definitely opened up many opportunities to the human society. It’s latest innovations has changed the way people live, interact, and problem-solve in their busy lives.

As technologists, policy-makers, doctors, and other professionals have seen dramatic improvements in AI, some are concerned with the fact that AI could become a threat to human society. Replacing robots with humans in every field will eventually lead to unemployment. Because of AI, the people who could potentially lose their jobs are factory workers, vehicle drivers, retail sales associates, and restaurant workers. Recent advances in computers have made it completely easy to spread misleading information and fake news online. Criminals could use AI techniques to automate tasks like payment processing, presumably helping them collect ransoms more quickly. AI technology is supposed to help advance the quality of life; therefore, it shouldn’t be used in a manner that it can cause physical harm to vulnerable people.


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AI technology has had a positive effect on people’s daily lives as it opens up many opportunities for society. It has freed people from repetitive, tedious tasks that could be more easily and safely completed by machines and AI. Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and many others have made finding restaurants, setting alarms, streaming music, reading books, answering predictable questions easier and quicker. AI technology has greatly improved the medical field in the past decade. New medical advancements like the Virtual Health Assistant, 3D printing, and the artificial eye have made it easier for doctors to perform better surgeries and medical treatment plans.

According to market intelligence firm, Tractica, the annual worldwide AI revenue will grow to $36.8 billion by 2025.

It is definite that AI will be part of the future for health care; however, AI will help doctors improve their performance during procedures in order for their patients to live a healthier lifestyle.

Cybersecurity has improved because of AI technology being able to offer more protection against hackers. Artificial intelligence should improve computer security tools by speeding up incident responses once the malicious software is detected on computer networks. AI can detect any attacks and reacts to breaches through an automated complex process. It’s important for AI to improve cybersecurity technologies in order to target and identify the hackers that are harming vulnerable computers.

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AI has significantly improved many fields like healthcare, cybersecurity, and business. In order to prepare for the future, it’s important for people to receive a better understanding of what this upcoming new technology has in store for years to come. Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft are collaborating together to create an alliance called Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society. The purpose of this alliance is to “break down barriers for AI teams to share best practices, research ways to maximise societal benefits and tackle ethical concerns, and make it easier for those in other fields to engage with everyone’s work.” In short, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world and changing the way people live in today’s society.

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