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Kanye West calls the MAGA Hat his Superman Cape

Kevin Coque Alarcon

On Saturday Night Live Kanye West performed a variety of different songs, including a song with Lil Pump; however, the performance was not the talk of the night.

The real controversy sparked when Kanye West went on a Donald Trump rant while sporting a MAGA hat. The response by the crowd was a mix of cheers and booing.

West later went on to say he was tired of being bullied for wearing his hat, and it was like his superman cape.

In the past Kanye West has been very vocal about his support for the current president, Donald Trump.

Many of Kanye’s peers have shared their disagreement to his comments. The President has made several racial and gender-based comments in the past which have not been perceived well in the public eye for most minorities.

After the SNL performance, many other celebrities took to social media to share their concerns with the things Kanye said on the show.

Swizz beats posted a video on his Instagram page @therealwwizz, where he addressed Kanye West, on the subject matter saying,

“I told Kanye how uncomfortable the culture feels, with you representing somebody blatantly hurting our people,”

Swizz-Beatz-Maga-Hat (1)Swizz Beatz speaking on Kanye West (Picture courtesy of google)

He later went on to say that no one was out trying to bully Kanye he said, “We love you Kanye, but what you doing ain’t right, you gotta stop that,”

Another one of Kanye’s peers who took to social media to express his disapproval was Snoop Dogg.

2016-11-21-kanye-west-wenn-snoop-dogg-wenn-1024x683 (1)Headshots of Kanye West and Snoop Dogg (Link to Picture courtesy of google)

He commented under a picture that Kanye posted with the MAGA telling Kanye he should attempt to make his music great again and even went as far as calling Kanye an Uncle Tom.

After speaking with a Kanye West fan, Augustus, feels that
“Kanye West is selling out and straying away from his core ideas.”
This is a common belief amongst Kanye West’ fans and non-fans alike.

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