Girls and their shaky self-confidence

Imani Jeter

Confidence is an attitude within yourself that allows for you to move forward and achieve your goals. Not being secure in yourself and your abilities will do nothing and hold you back.

Today, it is noticed that young women are very skilled and have much to offer, but their confidence isn’t there.

According to the authors of the confidence gap, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, “Women don’t consider themselves as ready for promotions, predict they’ll do worse on tests, and they generally underestimate their abilities.” This makes it evident that women are less self-assured and should know that building their self esteem is essential. As a result of this, many people want to redefine societal norms and give young women from all over the globe a push of encouragement.

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Ted Yacucci

Ted Yacucci, a professor at Delaware State University, is currently building a site that addresses self-esteem issues that are too often exhibited by females of all ages, especially those of school age years. The website titled “USGIRLS” has a main goal of featuring a wide variety of successful women and providing a roadmap for achieving similar success.


“I believe that way too many of my students, female students, don’t have enough self confidence. They have all the ability, all the talent in the world, but they don’t have enough self confidence. Consequently, I think they under estimate themselves rather than really just getting a plan for success,” said Ted Yacucci.

“I have younger daughters, so I’m always around younger girls. They lose their self esteem by social media. We have a social responsibility to improve the content of what we are supporting to ensure that girls and boys maintain their self confidence. Building this website is a good idea,” said Charlisa Edelin, a Mass Communications professor at DSU.

Being that the younger generation is tech savvy, building a website is a good way to catch them where they are. The website “USGIRLS,” will be a great way to help women to connect with those, who not only succeeded in life, but also had their self-esteem tested on the way there as well.

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Tiffany Langhorne, Aaminah Foye

“I believe that the lack of self-confidence has everything to to with the way people through history treat women. We as females have the ability to do whatever we want, but people and society still tries to put who we are and our careers into a little box and it’s not fair,” Tiffany Langhorne, a student at DSU, continues, “If this website can help girls feel more confident, then I support it.”


Many girls have aspirations to be something good in life, so we should not let confidence get in the way of girls showing their talents and capabilities.

The website, www.usgirls.net, is expected to be up and finished by the end of October. If you’re someone who need a boost in confidence, this website will ensure you get the help you need.

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