Bomb Kills 40 Children In Yemen

 Amaya Smith

Power has been a major want between our governments and war has been a major effect because of power. All over the world people have experienced shootings, bombs, and wars. Dictators taking over governments, resistances fighting back their governments.  War as a result of power struggle has been the bane of human civilization.

Now,  nations are becoming more advanced and so have military machinery. Forty children have been killed and many more injured on their school bus in northern Yemen by an air strike supplied by the US.


(Photo Courtesy of Asia Times)

Children in Yemen Suffer

CNN reports the attack happened on August 9 2018. Children were rewarded a school trip for graduating from summer school. CNN also reported that the bomb in the attack was a 227kg laser guided bomb. The attack was caused by the Saudi led coalition war plane. The weapon was sold to the Saudi Arabians as apart of the Sanction deal with the US.

Many women and children from many countries around the world suffer from wars in their countries. Many women and their children seek sanctuary in other countries than their own because of the wars in their native countries.

The bomb was identified through photographs and videos of the bomb fragments. The attack sent many of the children to nearby hospitals. Many victims struggling to cope with what the United Nations called “one of the world’s most horrendous humanitarian crises.” 


Lt. Gen. Jeffrey L. Harrigian (Photo Courtesy of NY Times)

How The Attack Affected The World

The attack drew much attention for the human toll happening because of the war in Yemen. This attack has gained International attention around the world. The U.S Department of Defense made a statement on the attack since the bomb was US made. “I will tell you that we do help them plan what we call, kind of targeting,” the Defense Secretary, James Mattis, said. “We do not do dynamic targeting for them,” he concluded.

For now the people of Yemen are mourning the lost of the 40 children that were killed in the attack.

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