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 Wi-Fi Issues in The Courtyards

Amaya Smith

Residents of the University Courtyards continue to have issues with the Wi-Fi  in the building as they are unable to connect to the internet.

The problem has been going on since the end of spring semester of last school year and, it’s starting to take a toll on the students.

A number of the residents took to Twitter to express their feelings about this predicament. One user wrote: “#DSU raised the courtyards price by $775. I don’t have working cable or Wi-Fi. So, what exactly was upgraded in this cost!???” The students are frustrated because they cannot watch television or do their school work. The professors are not even aware of the internet problem, so they can give their students extensions on their work.IMG_0296

DSU housing  sent an email to all of the residents of the Courtyards to explain how it was working to resolve the problem. The email stated that “A major network restoration project has been under construction for several weeks, with the network anticipated to be fully restored on or before Friday, September 28.”

The e-mail further said “a temporary solution has been put in place that will provide wired high-speed internet to all Courtyard apartments. The IT Dept. will begin deploying wireless access points in each apartment beginning tomorrow, Friday, August 31, with completion by end of day, Tuesday, Sept. 4.”

Since the email went out, IT Maintenance has yet to restore the Wi-Fi, but  has until September 28 to get it done.

Meanwhile, the students are buying personal Wi-Fi or using Hotspot on their phones while others use the school library to do their work.

The students continue to wait for the situation to be  resolved.




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