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As the semester kicked off, so did the Student Philanthropy Council (SPC). The council had their very first meeting last Thursday during common hour for students who were interested in joining their organization.

The Delaware State University Alumni have been bringing money into the school for the sole purpose of helping students in any way they can, especially with scholarships. However, SPC wants to change that. The organization’s duty is to figure out more ways to get students more involved and understand the significance of giving back.

“This organization would be a good thing for the student body because it’s about giving back to the school and community with not only monetary funds, but also volunteering time,” said Alysah Patterson, Vice President of SPC.Image.jpeg

SPC’s President, Taylor Billinger, and Alysah Patterson talked about their first potential fundraiser and partnering with other organizations on campus as a way to get everyone involved.

“For us, we are a new org on campus and its kind of hard to get our name out there by ourselves. When we partner with other organizations who have similar goals to us, we start to grow. Also, it is a great way to bring our campus together,” said Taelynn Still, Corresponding Secretary of SPC.

The floor was open to any one with suggestions on how they could raise money for the student body and each idea was taken into consideration. This organization is going to benefit the school over all and everyone should definitely look into it.

We should be expecting some interesting events from this organization soon.

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