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The God Brothers “Engage” the Leading Ladies of DSU

Miyah Tucker

The God Brothers of DSU hosted a female only event, entitled “Operation Get Engaged.” This was an event to inspire the women of Delaware State University to get more involved and become great student leaders.

The event that took place this past Wednesday featured some of our very own female student leaders as panelists. These panelists, who are student power houses on campus, include the likes of Imanie Williams, Tess Aguiar, Destiny Wilkins, and Arianna Johnson, to name a few. The panelists were hand-picked due to their commendable leadership experiences that molded them into the women and leaders they are today.

During the event the ladies fielded questions about how they started, how they persevered to get to where they are, and any advice they had for future student leaders. Many mentioned the importance of time management skills, loving what they do, and having the mindset of being unstoppable.

The event was inspired by the limited knowledge about what it takes to be a great student leader. President of The God Brothers, Usman Tijani, stated: “I didn’t like the fact that after the Annual Campus Org Fair people are not able to get another aspect on how student leadership really is. So, we needed a more formal environment to discuss Student Leadership.”


President of The God Brothers, Usman Tijani speaking to the ladies of DSU.

Toward the end of the evening, guests were paired into groups to create new organizations that catered to a need on campus. The challenge was to make the perfect organization pitch, that included a catchy title, a mission statement, and the organization’s first event.

After the event, Panelist Imanie Williams, President of the DSU Section of The National Council of Negro Women, expressed: “I learned that the females on campus are BOMB! Not even just student leaders. Hearing their ideas for programs and new organizations, somethings I never even thought of. After the event, I began to think of ways I can help the girls bring their thoughts to life, and in the very near future, the Hornet Nation can expect to start seeing a shift in the “normal” events.”

The event turned out to be very successful and informative. It showcased the creativity and potential of the campus. Panelists Tess Aguiar, President of Women Senate said: “If nothing else, I hope the women know that they’re capable of anything they put their mind to…Your attitude will always determine your altitude. The moment you believe you can, you will. I hope this event gave them that push to take a push at not only student leadership, but whatever they thought they couldn’t do.”


Panelist Tess Aguiar sharing tips on Student Leadership.

Marcus Dunn, Vice President of The God Brothers, expressed his takeaways of the evening. “Personally, I was motivated by our strong student leaders and our students that attended the event. Seeing people interested in changing themselves for the better is something I like to see. No one should be same person they were a year ago. Life is all about progression.”


Vice President of the God Brothers, Marcus Dunn, talks to guests who attended “Operation Get Engaged”.

DSU can expect big things from the God Brothers this school year, a lot of programs, community service events, and the men being very active on campus.

group pic

God Brothers, Panelists, and Guests pose for group photo.

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