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DSU Hires Three New Assistant Women Basketball Coaches

Anikeyawna Barber

Delaware State University has officially hired three new Assistant Women Basketball Coaches.

Coach Dave Caputo got the job mid-July and he has begun to make a turn for the best in this new program. He is very excited about turning this program from a failing program to a winning program. He has announced that he will be adding Samera L. Brown, Brittany S. Brown and Brittany K. Christian as of September 7, 2018 to become his assistant coaches. These women are going to add value to this winning program Coach Dave Caputo is trying to achieve.

Samera L. Marsh is originally from Bronx, New York. What attracted her to DSU was her former colleague, Dave Caputo. She is very excited about working with a great friend as she is going to help this program turn around for the best.

Samera Marsh

Samera L. Marsh

New coach Marsh has this to say about her new home: “Delaware State is magnetic! I am in love with the family culture, the energetic vibe of the staff and students, as well as loving our Women’s Basketball team! You can’t beat the HBCU experience. Its life changing. I am loving this part of my coaching journey.”

Brittany S. Brown was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. What attracted her to the Delaware State campus was Coach Caputo as well. Delaware State is also one of the most diverse HBCU’s in the country and she loves that.

The staff and faculty make her feel welcome and like family. She said: “Being part of this coaching staff and this program is truly an honor. Also working under Coach Caputo is a blessing and a great learning opportunity.”

Brittany Brown

Brittany S. Brown

Brittany K. Christian is from Baltimore, Maryland. She was attracted to Delaware State University because of the rich history and tradition that surrounds the HBCU experience, as well as the opportunity for growth and excellence provided by the campus’ diversity and leadership. She’s very excited that Coach Caputo has allowed her to become a part of a brand-new era for this program.

Coach Christian lives by the quote, “Success is not a win or achievement, it is a culture. Success is learned, success is practiced, then it is share.”

Brittany Christian

Brittany K. Christian




The announcement of these three wonderful new coaches were exciting news to the Delaware State Women’s Basketball Team. They are excited about the change that is coming. All three of these women bring something to the table, not only as coaches, but as great human beings. We are all excited about the Women’s Basketball team this year.

Go Lady Hornets!

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