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Alexis Atherley

There are noticeable construction works going on around DSU  campus.

Like all buildings, with age, inevitably, comes issues. Though the dorms may be in good enough condition to readily house the attendees of the university, there are still some alterations that current residents would like to see occur.

Though the construction of a new dorm promises a new living space (absent of the issues existing in the older dorms) for the freshmen in the coming years, there are some current residents who believe efforts should be put elsewhere.


Students can be most heard lamenting the poor (or absence of) wifi for which their schoolwork, more often than not, depends on. “ Our Wifi is constantly going in and out. It’s worse if you live on the east side of Warren Franklin,” said Angela T.

Or, in some other cases, the absence of water (hot or otherwise) at varying times. “Recently, our water was turned off for almost two hours. And just last semester, we were advised to not use the water for some time because it was brown,” commented another student, who preferred not to be named.


However, this is not to say that the dorms offer nothing but problems, or that complaints fall on deaf ears. Recently, accommodations have been made, such as the removal of some students from Warren Franklin’s first floor, upon the knowledge of poor air conditioning.

There are bound to be issues in living spaces set to house a large group of individuals. Though not all problems can be guaranteed to be absolved in a timely manner, what the ultimate completion of a new dorm can promise is more time and money being devoted to those who feel as if their complaints have gone unheard.








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