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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Chapter, Delta Lambda, Presents: ‘Koming’ to DSU

Marco Robinson, Imani Jeter, Taylor Billinger, Jayla Harris 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, INC. Delta Lambda Chapter Presents: Koming to DSU

On September 5, 2018, I was granted the opportunity to be apart of an amazing event, that the AKA’s of the Oh So SWEET Delta Lambda Chapter of Delaware State University hosted. 

The program began with an icebreaker to help attendees become social and interactive. Students were required to break off into groups – depending upon the city that they were from. They had to “rep their City” by doing specific dances that were originated in that City.

The New Yorkers  were seen Milly Rocking on any block and getting light, while the ones from Delaware were found doing the two step, and the students from New Jersey danced to Jersey club music. It was lit!

After that, everyone was again formed into groups to do races. One would think that a race is simple, right? I mean, you are just trying to get to the finish line before the other person. This is true, but this race was slightly more difficult, because each participant had to run with canned food under their chins, while also spinning five times in a circle before getting to the finish line. It was so really funny watching everyone trying to balance the cans and running dizzily.Image.png-3

When that eventful race was over, everyone sat for an open panel discussion about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of college where students were given the chance to ask questions and give commentary.

 A Sophomore, Tanaysha Fields, asked: “What advice would you all give for somebody struggling with their mental health?” This was a liberating question for all of the students in the room – male and female, because it is a topic not always spoken about; it also led to really great advice – one recommending the counseling services here on the campus.

Some Delta Lambda members had commentary on the event. Morgan Thornton said that she  enjoyed the interactions between the chapter members and the guests. She admired the honest, relatable, and realistic advice about how to adopt in college.

Overall, it was an amazing event hosted by the Delta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, INC. The overall purpose of the event was to welcome new students to campus, and help them navigate classes and campus. Delta Lambda member, Kionna Stanley said, “The Koming to DSU event was very beneficial, because it provided students with the do’s and don’t’s of the college life , and was a learning experience”.

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