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A Fresh Start with ‘Students Against Godless Society’ Organization

Miyah Tucker and Tiffany Harvey

It is a brand-new school year and the Students Against Godless Society (SAGS) organization are off to a great start. The first interest meeting and bible study this past Thursday night, was filled with new faces and great energy. They greeted their guests with bright smiles and played classic gospel songs, setting the tone of the evening’s event.

This year, the organization is energized, and the newly elected board members have been working tirelessly during the summer to plan events for the new school year. The members believed they were truly anointed when they got their positions.  Vice President, Brittney Moals said: “We just clicked, and it was evident that it was a part of God’s Plan.”

When speaking to the Secretary of the organization about her thoughts on the school year, she expressed that, “…this year is going to be fun because we have tons of fresh faces and the energy is phenomenal. We have tons of ideas and want to be able to incorporate everyone’s perspectives in what we do this year!”


S.A.G.S. members at their first interest meeting.

The organization was founded by a group of students, who wished to still be active in their religion, despite the hectic lifestyles of college students. Some of S.A.G.S. activities include weekly bible studies, attending church services, praise dance team performances, and the annual Gospel Explosion. In addition, S.A.G.S. collaborate with other student organizations on campus during charitable and fundraising events.

President, Cenaya Ward-Johns, affirmed that: “Our mission for this academic school year is to lead more students to God and to help those who know Him to grow closer to Him. We want to make God a campus-wide subject. Our goal is to openly accept any student and just help them in their spiritual journey.”

S.A.G.S has re-established itself as an open-minded and all receiving organization, where it is open and accepting of all students at DSU, no matter who they are.

During the bible study portion of the event, students watched a clip from a sermon entitled “Don’t Give a Seat,” by Pastor Louie Giglio. After watching the clip, the group discussed individual interpretations of the subject. Many felt the video expressed the importance of mental and spiritual strength during the journeys of life.

By the end of the night, guests, board members, and former members of the organization, had fellowshipped and made new bonds. Bonds that could be used for accountability during the challenges of the Christian lifestyle.

The S.A.G.S. organization is excited for their growth and what is in store for their members throughout the school year.

For more information about S.A.G.S. and their next meeting, follow them on Instagram (@dsu_sags).


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