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Hornet Newspaper Staff Welcomes Students Back To Campus

Marco Robinson

Welcome to Delaware State University, the school of Hornet pride. We would like to welcome the returning students of Delaware State University, while also giving a warm courtesy to transfer students and the Class of 2022. Going forth into the academic school year, we expect that you work hard, study hard, and network with your fellow Hornets.


The Assistant Editior takes a photo with his fellow staff members.

This academic school year, under the ‘No Limit’ Student Government Administration, you will enjoy a college experience like no other. There will be social events, opportunities to enhance in your major, and the chance to establish long time friendships.

Our advice is that you establish a habit of consistency and obedience, for these two ideals will help you strive in your academic experience. Prepare your hearts and minds for change; college calls for a new level of mental growth, which can in fact be liberating. Lastly, make sure that you find a mentor – a person who can guide you to be the best individual that you can be. Ensure that you have a balance between your academic, professional, and social life. Have an amazing school year.

Amaya Smith

This is a reality welcome letter. Things may not always be what they seem, so always expect the unexpected. You should learn to adapt and live with it. Life isn’t always going to go your way; you have to deal with the negative and try to find the positive. When I say welcome, it is with a caution because, not only are you going to experience the ride, but you might just learn something on the way. Wishing a wonderful school year to the returning students and DSU class of 2022.

Anikeyawna Barber:

Freshmen, congratulations you made it to college. Please elevate your minds as we hornets are held to a high standard and we expect nothing less. To you upperclassmen, don’t give up, you’re almost at the finish line!

Alexis Atherley:

I love DSU week! From our pep rally to our battle of the classes, DSU has planned an exciting week just for your arrival. And, with a little enthusiasm, you can make this excitement last the entire year.

Kionna Stanley:

Delaware State University is more than a school, we are a family. As you get back into the swing of things, don’t forget to reach out to  friends, professors, counselors, or mentors because  simple words of guidance and encouragement always help. Don’t forget to smile, make some friends, and keep the Hornet pride alive.

Aaminah Foye:


The Acting News Editior surrounded by colleagues

As an upperclassman, let me offer you some advice: Keep your studies as your main priority. Be safe and enjoy your time here and, before you know it, this year will buzz by.

Miyah Tucker:

A special welcome to the freshmen, class of 2022. Welcome to the family and your new home where you will grow in everyway you can imagine. Remember to balance work, and play, for the  best college experience. And to our returning students, welcome back. Let’s continue to improve our amazing HBCU. Our goal is to be Top Two, but not number two!

Kyra Black:

Welcome back Hornets! I hope this school year is a great one for everyone. Have fun, but remember that education comes first before anything. Have a great school year.

Imani Jeter:

Welcome back Hornets to the 2018 – 2019 academic school year. Hope you all enjoyed your summer and are now ready to hit the books again. Remain focused and remember  the goal is to excel and stay on the path toward graduation.

Tiffany Harvey:

Hello students and welcome to DSU, where there are a lot of activities to look forward to such as homecoming, football games,  prep rallies, and many more. Although these are important, but please make sure you hit the books and study hard, because it’ll all be worth it when you receive your diploma. Good luck and have a successful year at DSU.

Jayla Harris:

Welcome new and returning students to the fall semester. For the new students, we are excited to have you here to experience what it is to be a Hornet. Please feel free to frequently check here to stay updated on what’s happening on campus. Best of luck fellow Hornets.

Tiffany Longhorne:

Welcome to the illustrious DSU. We at the Hornet newspaper would like to welcome and congratulate you for choosing to stay another year at our wonderful institution. A special shoutout to the brand-new class of 2022. It’s a pleasure to see your wonderful fresh faces around campus. Please remember to start off strong in your academics and have the best social life you can here at DSU.

Taylor Billinger:

Welcome freshmen class of 2022. We are proud to know that you’re the biggest class DSU has ever had. What’s new on campus this semester is The Student Philanthropy Council organization of which I am president. We are all about giving back, fundraising, community service, and event planning. Come join us. Best wishes to everyone and I hope nothing but greatness occurs in your life. DSU welcomes you.

Kevin Coque 

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. To the returning scholars, glad to have you back.  To the seniors, make sure to finish of  strong and, to all the new freshmen, make sure not to waste any time, and make sure to network, and start creating those opportunities  and relationships as soon as possible. I wish everyone a great school year.

Avery Harris

Welcome to all new, returning, and transfer students! We hope you  have a productive and successful semester. Delaware State University is the perfect place to increase your knowledge and get prepared for any future endeavor. We have many resources such as: tutors, a writing studio, a library, and so much more, to assist you in reaching your goals. Good luck!








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