Keys For Success: From One Student to Another

By Tamara Hazzard 

Quincee Tellis

As students are preparing for finals, graduation and, yes, summer school, there is another group of students counting down until move – in – day.  Imagine the feeling of students stepping on to the campus of the great Delaware State University as incoming freshmen, ready to begin their journey of success.  

 Although all the students initially begin with the greatest intention to get good grades and make their families proud of their accomplishments, the truth is, it doesn’t always work out that way.   

It is important to learn from the success and failures of others, so that you do not fall into the traps that could cause you to not be successful in completing your educational goals at DSU. 

First year Mass Communications student, Quincee Tellis, a Bronx, New York native, remembers the first time she stepped on the DSU campus.  Ms. Tellis arrived at DSU with 15 college credits under her belt, which put her slightly above the students coming in as a traditional high school senior.  Being from New York, she noticed how some of the businesses in the area closed a lot earlier than what she was accustomed to.  There is also an adjustment of being separated from her family. However, it is imperative to become accustomed to your new life as a college student while experiencing changes involving family, childhood and school friends.    

Ms. Tellis strongly recommends becoming aware of the many organizations and axillaries the campus has to offer.  It is important to use the resources that are available to you and be able to adapt to sharing space with others.  She believes that it is important to surround yourself with positive people so that you don’t forget the primary reason that you are here, which is to get the exceptional education that DSU provides.  

Tellis says that there are many fun-filled events, parties, and gatherings and the attendance to these events are all a part of the college experience.  Always keep in mind that focus and prioritizing are the keys to be successful.  For most incoming freshmen, this experience will be the first time of not being in the physical presence of a parent or guardian.  This will be the time when you have to live and remember every lesson, lecture, and the words of wisdom you received that got you to where you are now.   Recognize every sacrifice your loved ones have made to make it possible for you to be able to attend school.  Ms. Tellis suggests that you have fun, be open to new experiences, and be determined to be successful.  In order to make this experience a success, time management and balance are essential.   

To each and every student that has chosen to come to DSU, make your mark, balance your time, and make wise decisions.  




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