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By Ronald Knight 


After the long wait outside of Memorial Hall, the crowd was “lit” and the scene was set for Showtime.  Other frats were dancIMG-4946.JPGing and the crowd was really involved in the event. The men of Kappa Alpha Si were nothing less than impressive during their probate on March 24, 2018.  The men were dressed in elegance and marched into the building with a splash of energy stepping from the entrance to the stage.  They were locked in tight to each other and moved as one unit into the red light.





The recital from each of the 10 brothers was an important part of the probate.IMG-4958.JPG  Each brother showed his devotion to the knowledge of the fraternity such as the founders and some  historic dates.  The Kappa men also displayed their dance and singing abilities—often singing popular songs that kept the crowd entertained.  The other fraternities greeted the new Kappa men with their own roll calls welcoming them into the Divine 9. The Q’s, Sigma, Alphas, and their sister organizations were present for the event.


The mask is something most fraternities and sororities use in probates.  Each of the 10 brothers wore a red mask to keep their identity hidden until the proper time.  This kept the crowd in suspense and excitement.  After a series of high fives and other acknowledgments from the Kappa elders to the new brothers, each of the 10 brothers finally removed their masks one by one after reciting a short countdown verse– each brother revealed his “Kappa Land” name and the meaning behind it.  Two names that were significant were #5 chiropractor, who vowed to have his brother’s back and #10 stethoscope—who admitted to—become a Kappa who has heart.   These brothers are sharp, creative and dedicated to their new organization.


Kappa Men Bustin’ Loose


The Kappa men set the bar high that night—showing discipline, dedication, and determination to every aspect of the probate.  Each brother had his own swag but collectively they worked together to put on a great show.  At one point, the brothers had to take a water break on stage—which was rightfully earned.  It was five years since the last Kappa Alpha Psi probate and this year was no disappointment. March 24, 2018 will be a night to remember.  In fact– both probates are equal in terms of–

  • Energy
  • Creativity
  • Interactivity
  • Crowd movement


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