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Dr. Tony Allen Committed to Taking DSU to the Next Level

By Tamara Hazard


Dr. Tony Allen, Provost, Delaware State University

It’s been almost nine months since Dr. Tony Allen assumed the role of Provost and Chief Academic Officer for Delaware State University (DSU).  The Provost is an important position that contributes to the overall operations of the university.  Dr. Allen’s responsibilities include the leadership of the faculty, overseeing the Division of Academic Affairs operations, and ensuring a rigorous educational curriculum for all of the colleges represented.  The Provost also has the duty of ensuring that DSU has a comprehensive research portfolio.  This important task enables the faculty to do their own research and offer research opportunities to the students.  


 Dr. Allen, a native of Delaware, received a bachelor’s degree in political science and a doctorate degree in urban affairs and public policy from the University of Delaware.  In addition to his education, Dr. Allen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position.  He spent half of his career in the private sector at Bank of America and the other half in non-profit, and government sectors.  He once held a position as a Special Assistant to Joseph Biden, the former Vice President of the United States. 

In addition to his professional employment, Dr. Allen is the founder and co-founder of non-profit organizations that aid the betterment of students and minorities.   In 1994, he founded Public Allies Delaware, a leadership development organization, located in Wilmington, Delaware and the Metropolitan Urban League, a civil rights public policy group, which he co-founded in 1999.  

 Although Dr. Allen has held various positions that have equipped him with experience, community ties, and business alliances, he is excited about his position as the Provost.  He declared that, “Coming to Delaware State University was the best professional decision I ever made.”  

 It is the desire of Dr. Allen that the university becomes “Delaware’s State University,” in word and deed.  He has a broad vision that the college becomes a comprehensive university that connects us back to the Delaware communities, using both faculty and students to accomplish it.  The Provost also has a goal to ensure the students at DSU are prepared to be successful and possess everything necessary to compete alongside their peers, no matter where they come from.  He is exploring a strategy to attract students that are already in the workforce, but are in need of academic credentials to further their career.  Exploration of this objective would require more flexible course schedules to be able to adhere to those that would be considered as non-traditional students. 

 Because of the commitment to growth, the faculty and students of DSU, Dr. Tony Allen wants to create a platform for the college to no longer remain one of Delaware’s best-kept secrets.  Keep your eyes open DSU, through hard work, strategic planning, and the assistance of our leadership, DSU will continue to move forward to the next level of excellence.  

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