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The Final Freshman Forum

By Kristopher Andre 

 The Final Freshman Forum was held Thursday, February 22, 2018 at the Education and Humanities Theatre. A decent amount of freshman showed up to attend their last forum. This forum was held to explain financial aid to students and the amount of credits that students would need to be considered a sophomore, junior, and a senior.

Tiffany Alexander, an advisor for nursing, explained the importance of students making sure they have enough credits to move on as a sophomore. “Thirty credits make you a sophomore and a lot of people misunderstand that,” stated Alexander. Students are expected to know how many credits they need because if they are not aware of how much credits they have now, then they could be in danger of coming back next year as a freshman.

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 Students were also notified of the consequences of not having 30 credits for their freshman year. “So let’s say you come back next semester… you have a 3.5 GPA, you want to run for the Sophomore student court… or Mrs. Sophomore, you cannot,” warned Alexander.

Students who are looking to get involved in some of DSU’s organizations, should consider what Ms. Alexander said because if they are looking to get involved on campus, then their credits must be at a certain number.

The final message that freshman students were told was that they have a certain time period that they must pre-register and schedule their classes with their advisors. “Please know that in order for you to get in pre-registration and schedule your classes, you have to meet with your advisor in between the 26th of February and March 23rd,” urged Alexander.  This is critical information for freshman because they should make sure that they schedule their classes in time to avoid having any course-related problems in the future.


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