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Black Panther on The Prowl at DSU

Gabrielle R. Barnes

Monday, February 3, 2018, the OSLA brought Black Panther to Delaware State

University. Probably the most anticipated movie of the year, DSU students were able to

see a screening of Black Panther, for free, at the AMC movie theatre in the Dover mall.


“I’m so glad that my friends and I were able to get tickets to see this amazing

screening,” stated freshman, Aaminah Foye. Tickets reserved online for students sold

out in mere minutes, filling up two theater screening rooms.

That night, check in started at 5:45 pm in the MLK lobby. Students had to check

in, sign a waiver and, then, were able to proceed to the bus awaiting them in front of the

poles. At the theater, students had to check in again and have a mark drawn on the back

of their hand to prove they checked in.


“It was nice to see a basically all black cast and not that white-washed stuff we’re

used to nowadays,” commented another student who attended the screening. The All-

star cast included A-listers such as: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita

Nyong’o, Forest Whitaker, Danial Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, and many more.


When asked how did she enjoy the movie, Freshman Naima Dangerous replied,

“I absolutely loved it. I don’t really enjoy Marvel action movies because people tend to

get too nerdy about it, but that was amazing.”


Black Panther has grossed about $241.9 million its opening weekend. It is also

the second most expensive film directed by an African-American. It now holds the

record for the biggest Presidents’ Day opening since

Marvel and Disney took a risk by placing this project in the hands of a black

director with a mostly black cast, and there is no doubt their risk will pay off. With a

prominent African-American audience among who are the most frequent moviegoers,

buying around a quarter of all domestic tickets, this film is a major hit.


“It’s nice to finally have superheroes who look like me and who would be

amazing role models for my generation and those behind me,” stated High Schooler,

Alex Barnes.


Many Marvel fans, as well as new fans to the franchise, flocked to see the film

during opening night on Friday February 16, 2018. Black Panther was a bigger hit than

many expected.






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