Jenkins Hall’s Love Week on DSU Campus

By Jadyn Batch

Love arrived Delaware State University’s campus, just in time for Love Week!

Staged by the Jenkins student council in the Jenkins Hall, Meta V. Love Week, was a five-day event that celebrated Valentine’s Day and allowed students to fellowship. Tanaysha Fields, Treasurer of Meta V.’s new student council, characterized Love Week as “a week of fun and love created by the council to bring the entire hall together for not only a day dedicated to love but also a month dedicated to us and our history and culture.”  

Jenkins Article
Tess Aguiar, President of Jenkins Residence Hall. Picture taken by Nyasia Carroll.

Though Love Week did not occur during the actual week of Valentine’s Day, the five-pronged event brought increased excitement to the campus.

Starting off the week on February, Wednesday 7th, was ‘Speed Dating: Getting to Know You,’ which started at 8:30pm. On Thursday 8th, was ‘Newlyweds Game: Best Friend Edition,’ which started at 8:30pm in Jenkins classroom. ‘The Kissing Booth,’ which occurred on Sunday 11th, at 8pm, raised money for Pennies for Patients organization. 

On Monday 12th, ‘Are You the One: Meta V. Edition’ started at 8pm and the ‘Poetry Slam: Our Voices Matter’ event started at 7pm, finishing off Love Week on Tuesday, February 13th. 

Ayo Fisher, resident of Evers Residence Hall, was enthusiastic about the events and said that, “it was an opportunity to meet more people and possibly someone that I could grow with.” By attending the events, Fisher expressed that her hopes were “to find maybe someone that is worthy of my time, I don’t want to have a relationship with a person who doesn’t know what his aspirations in life are.”

The Jenkins Residence council includes Hall President, Tess Aguiar, Treasurer, Tanaysha Fields, Miss Jenkins, Alexis Denae, and more. The council strives for school pride and spirit, so when the special holiday was approaching, Fields and the other members of the council began to work diligently to create an entertaining week.

Regarding the Love Week, when asked what goal Fields wanted to accomplish, she said, “Personally, I wished to accomplish an environment of support and love within the residents. I also wanted to bring in other DSU students to see that Jenkins showcases good vibes.” 


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