Career Fair Comes To DSU

By Kristopher Andre

Delaware State University will be holding a Career Fair on March 22, 2018, from 11-1p.m., in the Martin Luther King center, in the upstairs parlors. This event will allow students and employers alike to meet and greet each other and give students the chance to find a future internship or a career with a certain company. Likewise, employers will have the chance to see potential employees that they think would be good to hire.

At Delaware State University, the first Career Fair this school year was held in September during the fall, and the upcoming one will be held this spring. There are many employers that will come to the career fair and scout for upcoming employers and students are encouraged to attend because this will offer them an amazing opportunity to get a head start into landing a job after they graduate.

“The career fair is an opportunity for  matching up employers and students, so for the students, the employers are prospective employers for internships, fellowships, jobs, whatever it is,” says Ava Perrine, Instructor at Delaware State University.

Ava Perrine

When asked why is it important for students to attend the career fair, Perrine replied, “ Well it is important because it’s exposure, it’s access, so you don’t have to read a newspaper or go on Indeed or go anyplace else, they actually come here and then you have physical face-to-face opportunities to meet with people.”

Ava Perrine

But if there are students thinking that this will be just another casual event, they should think again. Students are expected to dress in professional clothing and appear very polished. “Only suits and ties will be permitted into the career fair, professional attire,” wrote Dr. Bill Means, Director of Career Services. In fact, many employers pay attention to how students dress because it can leave an impression on the employer.

“Well, according to employers, attire is huge because they give Career Services the feedback, and then the feedback that Career Services have gotten sometimes is pretty negative from the employers, and so, there is an expectation that we’re teaching students how to play the game, so that they’re appropriately attired for the setting,” shared Perrine. Attire is very important to employers and they can report feedback to the Career Services department, if needed.

Remember, that the Career Fair will be held in the Martin Luther King Center at Delaware State University on March 22nd, 2018. Students are expected to come and talk to employers about future internships, jobs or learn more about the employers. Students must be dressed appropriately and anyone wearing anything other than professional attire will be turned back.

So, come out and support Delaware State University!


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