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Dr. Robinson Plans New Dreamer Organization

By Valentina Hernandez

DSU History professor, Dr. Robinson, expressed interest in starting a new organization on campus for the Dreamers to support their lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C.

In an interview, Dr. Robinson shared that he has been communicating with the administration to facilitate the process of creating the organization. He also shared the story behind the initiative that began with the outreach of fellow DSU (Delaware State University) Dreamers’ Lobby Team member, Shannon Mendez, back in January.

The DSU Dreamers’ Lobby Team was created in September of 2017 by Dulce Guerrero, a Dreamer at DSU, in hopes to passing a permanent solution to DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) after President Trump rescinded it that month.

DULCE Guerero

Dulce Guerrero with  a staffer /Credit: Karen Baltazar

When Guerrero tried to officially start the organization, she was told that the entire process would take up to a year to get approved. “We’re going to get deported before then, because we don’t have enough time,” she said. Before long, she then took the matter into her hands along with fifteen other Dreamers.

With the initiative, Dr. Robinson is seeking resources for the lobby team to continue to push for a Dream Act in Washington, D.C. Resources provided to official on-campus organizations include travel authorization that includes transportation services, booking hotels, and meals.

Last semester, Dulce and the lobby team, struggled to get funds to supply these resources. The initiative will provide more resources to create a high-profile in the Dover area and allow approved fundraising events.

Dr. Robinson described the 77 Dreamers as “excellent students, extremely motivated and a pleasure to have in the classroom.” He has observed the lobbying team accomplish a lot on their own since the creation of the group. Sharing that the idea for the organization he hopes to create, comes from the students and not himself. “For me as a historian, when I see what is going on with the Dreamers today, it’s nothing new,” he said in the interview.

Dr. Robinson, who teaches several history classes, moved from Sweden to the United States when he was seven years old. Back in 2001, he received his citizenship. He personally feels connected to the issue of the Dreamers. After President Trump’s remarks towards African countries, Dr. Robinson commented he would be the guy “The President preferred to be here; that should not be the case”.


DSU Dreamers: L-Shannon Mendez, R-Rubi Gudarrama/Credit: Karen Baltazar and & Rubi Gudarrama

Shannon Mendez reacted on how Congress has been dealing with the legislative bills that have been presented on DACA. “I feel like they’re avoiding a solution because technically, congress only operates by deadlines; even though, they let deadlines expire,” she said. “We just hope that congress passes a legislation that resolves the problem concerning the 800,000 DACA recipients.”

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