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Delaware State University, the Foundation for the Next Generation of Leaders

By Jazmiyne Bias

Student leaders at Delaware State University have been invited to participate in the 2018 BPA State Leadership Conference at Dover Downs in Dover, Delaware on February 27 – 28, 2018.

The BPA State Leadership Conference is the annual conference under the career and technical student organization, Business Professionals of America (BPA), which aims to develop leadership, academic, and technology skills within the workplace.


Members of the Delaware State Conference will be competing in a full day of workshops, competitive tasks and opportunities within social networking to initially qualify for the National Leadership conference on May 9-13, 2018 in Dallas, Texas.

The series of events will begin on February 27th, beginning with the Secondary Level students, and the Middle Level participates will follow on February 28th.

Dr. Donna Covington, Dean of the college of Business and gold sponsor for the 2018 BPA State Leadership Conference, reached out to Dr. Francine Edwards, Interim Dean of the College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, requesting the recruitment of ten students from the college, to serve as proctors for the event.

“Something that is foundational to DSU is developing the next generation of leaders. In the past this has been a conference that business students primarily took advantage of ; however, this year Dean Covington asked all of the deans to recruit five of the top student leaders from their respective colleges to serve as proctors and volunteers,” Dr. Edwards informed the Hornet.

A few students from the Mass Communications Department will be attending a proctor orientation that will be held on February 15th in preparation for the conference.


Secondary and Middle Level students, participating at last year’s BPA State Leadership Conference (Source:

Students at the Secondary and Middle Level will have the opportunity to envision college life through the guidance of Del State students in attendance.

On the day of the event, individuals campaigning for officers of state will have the opportunity to present their platforms and promote their electoral campaigns.

Participating in the conference will be a first for Delaware State, and will accentuate the success of the students at the university.

“This is just another example of DSU’s commitment to cross disciplinary collaboration and service!” Dr. Edwards concluded.

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