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What’s The Buzz? WDSU Radio is Live

Delaware State University’s Closed-Circuit Radio Station is Catching a Lot of Positive Attention

By Tameka Shockley

This past Saturday in the early afternoon WDSU Radio “The Hive” on channel 15 in the ETV Building went back up on the air. This is all thanks in part from the help of Mass Communications Professors Theodor Yacucci and Zackary Kimball. The station that was down mostly all the Fall of 2017 semester is now live.

The root of the problem lied mostly in a burnt out “Ethernet” cord and the mixing of old technology with so much new technology.




Along with the cord comes a big change in their visual effects. The Station uses a piece of equipment called KyTV which brings images to the screen for all to see which has not been updated for the past three years and will now be ready to roll.

Though the station was down they could not be counted out. The staff was still producing content to prepare for their comeback, hosting shows over social media and live-streaming to different countries and mentoring the community like the Sankofa Kids of Dover.

This fix comes at a perfect time as the semester is taking off and the Hive is coming off their spring interest meeting. Junior and Program Director Kayla Henderson is very excited telling us “Being that I’m in charge of the on-air talent it is important that my team have their voices heard live around campus. A lot of our shows this semester features new comers and they can’t wait to have their friends call in.”

Music Program Director and Senior Monet Newkirt is more than happy to get back on air. She says “many people were bummed about us being down, they listen to us when they study and even when they get ready to go out. My team and I have so much music to put out on the air waves and I am always taking requests. It’s my job but it is our radio station.”



This semester much is to be expected from “The Hive” and its large team. They host an annual event called Live with the Hive in the MLK Student Center every March. The event hosts live radio shows, rap battles, modeling performances and a partnership full of fun games with the Healthy Hornets.

Junior Station Manager Tyleia Sharps encourages all students to follow the station on Twitter @WDSURadioHive and on Instagram @WDSURadio15. “There is a lot of content and maybe even a couple of contests coming your way if you are tuned in.” she urged.

Students all over are getting excited about the new change and Freshman Nicolette Baylor has jumped right into the fun by joining the Public Relations team. She along with a lot of members of the class of 2021 are getting involved with the activities.

All students no matter the major is encouraged to join WDSU Radio “The Hive”. If you would like to join or have any further questions contact station advisor Mrs. Ava Perinne by phone or email.


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