The Sisterhood of Delta Sigma Theta

By Amaia Beverly

Founded on January 13, 1913, The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, has always strived to show strength, unity, and sisterhood with everything that they have done. One could say that the Delta’s are a big sorority on DSU’s campus, but most people do not notice the work that comes with being a Delta woman. On Delaware State University’s campus, each Delta influences students daily with different things. One thing some would say that the Sorority influences people with the most is their participation in school events because they are always showcasing some form of unity, whether it be a public performance such as speaking. One huge event that the Sorority participates and looks forward to the most is the Delaware State University step shows.


In this step show there are many different participants such as different organizations, fraternities, and sororities. With this show different sororities and fraternities are given the opportunity to compete against one another to win a cash prize and also the title of the step shows winners. The step shows have been happening throughout campus for well over ten years, but the Delta’s have won 3 in total. With them being last year’s winners, they look forward to competing to showcase their hard work and hopefully win again.


Of course, after each win people assume that the hard work is done but it has just begun for this sorority. With winning the sorority uses the proceeds from the show toward their chapter. Another thing the proceeds goes to is to their upcoming events going on around campus. Though they have won, they also know it is important to keep that dedication up to continue excelling with everything that they participate. Advantages in winning the annual step show is being able to see how much their hard work has paid off and also winning money to help their chapter is another bonus.


Most, people are unaware of the time needed to participate and effectively show others what the Delta’s are really made of. Some people tend to overlook the hard work and dedication that it takes the sorority to participate and perform to their best because they just look at the outcome for each performance. In preparation for each show the mindsets are always different going into each show but the steps needed to execute a good show are always the same. For each show the chapter always has to consider the costumes, choreography, lighting, and props needed. After speaking with two of DSU’s very own Delta’s Toni Brisby and her co-step master Brianna Clinton they have given plenty of insight on how they handle the preparation of each show.


The Stress to be on Top!


One thing that helps the most with each show is the many practices that they have which are typically 3-4 times a week which typically last for 2 to 3 hours. The two would definitely say that it is not easy at all to prepare for such a big show like this, but it also makes them proud to see what themselves and sisters have accomplished after each show. Another main thing that the sorority has to focus on are the costumes. With the costumes there are many things that are deciding factors for what they will wear for the shows. The person responsible for the costumes is one of the chapters sisters, Toni Brisby. After speaking with Toni, she has stated that picking out the costumes for the shows are somewhat complicated because the costumes are based off of the shows stunts, props, the look they want portrayed, and how each costume is compatible to complete each stunt properly.


With each step show the goal for this chapter is to always show the hard work they have done to help each show be better than the last. The chapter always goes above and beyond to execute different ideas outside of the box which mainly includes different stunts that have never been done or seen. Another that would be considered difficult is to learn how to deal with the many different personalities, ideas, and thoughts on each thing needed to make the show great. Because there are so many sisters it can be considered hard at times and also frustrating, but in the end, they always show a sense of sisterhood by overcoming the long practices and long nights needed to show their chapters talent.


After speaking to two of the Delta’s, it is strongly advised to always stay true to yourself and never change just to fit in. With having this strong mindset about these two points it has helped them stay true to themselves throughout each event no matter the opinions from others. The chapter goes above and beyond to prove to others what all their sorority can bring to each show or event while never changing each person’s personality who participates in any event. Another thing that was taken away from this interview would be that to participate in any event on campus there will be time, restless nights, and stress to always succeed and with this sorority they have shown that they are willing to deal with it all in order to participate in each step show whether win or lose.


The two sisters have stated that being apart, of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated has given them so many opportunities. One big opportunity would be being able to interact with different personalities. With this the two have said that this sorority has given them so many sisters that they would have never thought to speak to before pledging and crossing. The one big that has been emphasized the most throughout speaking to them or any other Delta is that sisterhood is very important and that is what this sorority has given them the most.


Learning Yourself


Though this interview was mainly based on the step show, there is also insight from the two for people around campus who are interested in crossing to whatever sorority or fraternity. The two has given encouraging words which advised that anyone interested should always take the right steps, be focused, stay true to yourself, and know that it is not easy. Another thing that was talked about through this interview was that the two sisters have learned from their crossing experience has helped them learn a lot of different personalities, become more involved, get to know different people, humbles you, and teaches you resilience. Speaking with the two has been a pleasure to learn how the two sisters are very proud of their chapters participation in each step show or any other event around campus.

This interview should help anyone see the hard work, motivation, and dedication each Delta woman has toward their chapter. With this interview the Delta’s were very nice and honest about every step needed in the preparation process needed for them to win. Hopefully this feature on the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated has helped and answered any questions that people have around campus.



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