Super Eagles take on Super Bowl LII

By Rynesha Savage

Super Bowl LII is tomorrow and people are excited to see their favorite teams go
head-to-head and possibly win the game on Sunday, February 4th , 2018.

People from all around the world are traveling to Granted, Minneapolis, to watch the Eagles and the Patriots play! The weather for Sunday in Granted, Minneapolis, is 13 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny, and no chance of rain. This is perfect weather for Superbowl Sunday, though the game will be played inside the dome.

Fans traveling to Minneapolis are encouraged to dress warm and make sure to arrive the game early in order not to miss the kickoff.

The New England Patriots are no rookies to the Superbowl, with 5 Superbowl wins
trophies under their belt. The Philadelphia Eagles played in Super Bowl XXXIX against the New England Patriots, but they lost 24-21. That was the first time the Eagles played in the Superbowl. Since this is the second time the teams are meeting, we are hoping for the Eagles to bring home the trophy.

Team spirit is at an all time high right now, people are putting stickers on their cars,
getting Superbowl tattoos, huge bets are being placed, and they are even putting together Superbowl parties for Sunday’s festivities A simple way to support your favorite football team through clothing, is to buy a jersey with your favorite team players number. Another great way to show team spirit is wearing your team’s colors.

(source: https://www.wcpo.com/entertainment/entertainment-photo-gallery/bengals-tailgaters-dec-4#id0)

For women, they can get to be creative with their team spirit. They get to dye their hair, wear green eye shadow, lipstick, and eyeliner. Their other options are to wear jerseys and dresses, shorts, skirts, and heels.

For men, they can also wear green makeup. For the risk takers, some men can
even sport green wigs, socks, shoes, trendy hats, coats and masks, to show how much they love and support their team.

A new trend both men and women are participating in, is wearing the underdog mask with an eagles jersey, since they are known as the underdogs (click the link )
https://247sports.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/Bolt/Eagles-Super-Bowl-Eagles-fans-can wear-underdog-masks-at-Super-Bowl-

These are greats ideas for you to feel like you are a part of the crowd on Sunday when the Eagles play the Patriots !
GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!

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