Hiring Hornets with the help of Handshake

By Angela Tilghman

Handshake is a talent recruitment center that was started in 2014 by three engineering students at Michigan Technological University. It was initially started to give students the access to a large number of potential employers. Almost 4 years later, Handshake is now being used at over 470 schools.

Here, at DSU, Handshake launched on campus the fall semester of 2017. Handshake is a one-stop-shop to being launching your career. With Handshake, students are able to find employment, both on and off campus, and internships. You can even easily register for career fairs through the site.

Many students on campus are enjoying Handshake. The Hornet spoke to one student, Alexis, who shared, “I was able to find an internship through the site that I probably wouldn’t have found anywhere else.” On Handshake, you are able to favorite jobs and internships. It even notifies you when the items you’ve favorited are about to close their application.

Students, as well as teachers, are having great success using Handshake. Mrs. Perrine, of the Mass Communications Department, opined that “a lot of students use and seem to love it. They’re always finding neat things like jobs and internships on there.”

Handshake is incredibly easy to use and if you’re someone who doesn’t want to sit at a computer looking for jobs all day long for after graduation, you can easily download the app and use Handshake on the go. So if you haven’t tried Handshake yet, why not give it a try now?

Handshake DESU

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