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Pipe Busts in Jenkins Hall at Delaware State University

By Ashlee Davis

As many may know, Meta V. Jenkins Hall is one of the four freshman dormitories that we have at Delaware State University. On Thursday morning, the 11th of January, around 9 o’clock, students currently residing in Meta V. Jenkins Hall woke up to an announcement stating that they would not be permitted to use the restrooms or showers until further notice, and to exit from the side door instead of the main entrance.

Directly after exiting their bedrooms, students were alarmed to a terrible smell. The pipes had busted and there was urine and feces all throughout the lobby. At that moment, all the residents were worried about how they would shower and brush their teeth to prepare for class. Students were told to go to Medgar Evers Hall to shower, as that was the closest building.

Later on in the day, students expected to come back to a rectified situation. However, the plumbers were having a very hard time, and took longer than expected. Therefore, students still had to walk to Evers Hall to shower for the night. Around 7pm, everything was back in tact, said Taylor, a freshman.

The question that many asked were what was the actual cause of this incident and why did the pipes bust? It was later announced by the residential hall staff that the cause of the problem was things being flushed, that shouldn’t be flushed. The staff explained that in the past week, things were being flushed such as feminine products, socks, and even clothes. He concluded that the build up of those things, plus the constantly changing weather, caused this incident. This, along with other issues caused the entire building to temporarily lose visitation. Today, residents are not allowed to have visitation, as a form of punishment. It seems that students are now taking more precaution on their usage of the bathrooms, in order for this problem not to occur again.

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