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The Hard-Working Students of DSU’s Mass Comm. Dept.

By Jazmiyne Bias

The Mass Communications students at Delaware State University have a voice, and intend to have their publications heard by masses.


In preparation for life after graduation, students and faculty at DSU have made it their mission to revamp the Mass Communications Department, by exposing students of diverse concentrations to the ubiquitous opportunities within Mass Comm. as a discipline.


Mrs. Renee Marine- Program Director of the Department of Mass Communications


Journalism students are taking their news stories to the next level, acquiring prominent skills in digital media creation, while digital media students are taking a step away from the TV and radio stations to expand their writing abilities.


Students are obtaining these critical expertise of study in order to build their personal brands for the future, reshaping the perception of media studies. The department is also working towards providing each of these students with critical professional record, such as digital portfolios, websites, YouTube channels, bios and headshots, allowing the students to present historical documentation of their academic and professional success to future potential employers.


“Prior to taking Dr. Edward’s Integrated Communications Campaign course this semester, I was unaware of the importance of having my own personal bio, and had never taken headshots. Working to develop my personal web portfolio for my resume will allow me to feel more prepared for applying for jobs after graduating in May. I hope all colleges at DSU are leading in this direction,” says, Cecil Clark, senior studying in the field of Public Relations/Advertising.


Under the current leadership of Timothy Patterson, senior, Delaware State University’s newspaper has taken a digital media approach, authorizing easier access to uploading and posting their news article, blogs, and digital content.


Editor-in-Chief of the Hornet Online  Photo by Timothy W. Patterson


“I think every student at DSU has a story to tell, or has seen something newsworthy during his or excursion at school. It is important for the students in the Mass Communications department to report on what they see, for they are the next generation of news reporters in the industry,” stated Patterson.


The students within the Mass Communication department have been persistently working toward writing, creating, and publishing their work, in preparation for DSU’s annual Mass Communications Day and the future.


The end goal of this expansion is to reach a broader audience, and to gain support from the students here on DSU campus.


“If enough students report on campus news and events, our website, The Hornet Online, will become popular, much like WDSU Radio and TV, and more students outside our major will be informed on the important things going on at the school, and the world,” Patterson finished.

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