Love on Valentines Day – A Musical Debut


By Dominique Little

Delaware State University student, Robert Castillo (also known as Eugene Black), recently dropped his new single called, “Love on Valentines Day.”

To many, music is just a hobby, but to Eugene Black, music is all he thinks about. Starting from the early age of 7, Black started singing in church, and from then, all he does is eat, sleep, and breathe music. Although he is only a sophomore at DSU, he has big plans for his future in the music industry, and wants nothing more than to make people happy when they hear his work.




“My plan is to become the biggest R&B/Hip Hop artist ever,” Eugene Black proclaimed. “I want to get signed to a big-time record label that’s going to push my music as much as possible every time I drop a new song or album.” He added that he cannot think about anything else besides making another song or listening to another beat that’s going to make his song better.

Delaware State has been known for having amazing artists in the past, and with passion and big plans, only positive things are in store for Castillo`s future.

Although Eugene is just a sophomore, he has a very bright future ahead of him for the remainder of his time here at Delaware State University.

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