Balling On a Budget

By Rynesha Savage

Fashion is something that is always going to be a relevant topic in the media and in our social lives. There are variations to fashion such as high-end and affordable fashion. High-end fashion sometimes is the blueprint for most affordable fashion styles. This is where the term “knock off ”comes into play. As college students, we understand that we aren’t always able to afford the high-end version of a fashion trend, so we go for the best looking “knock offs.”

There is a way in which one can dress oneself to look more expensive and the items don’t have to be costly. Avoid trends and trendy colors, for they will always go out of style at one point or another. Check out this link for more: (

For women, the style of heel that we buy is important. For example, should we buy chunky or skinny heels? Skinny heels are most expensive -looking and most high-end heels, such as Christian Louboutin, are mostly skinny and taller heels styles. Tall heels are thought of as sexy, expensive, and more professional. A simple outfit, such as a button-up or a blouse and a pencil skirt can have a different effect depending on which style of heel one pairs with it.




For both men and women, the wash of jeans that a person buys has an effect on his or her appearance. Darker wash denim looks more expensive than light wash, and darker wash is more appealing to the eye and is suitable for any occasion. Lighter wash denim is for the summer and spring time, whereas dark wash one can wear all year round and one can is able to dress it down or dress it up. The fit and style of denim also has an effect on ones overall look. You want to buy denim and pants that fit your body in a way that accents your shape. If you cannot find pants/ jeans that fit your body how you would like them to fit, try getting them tailored.(






For both men and women, the colors that you buy have an effect on how “expensive “ you look. If you are going for an expensive look, regardless of where you buy your clothing from, you want to buy dark and neutral colors, such as Black, Dark Blue, Brown, Tan , Red, and White. Most items look better in darker colors, although the bright colors may be more attractive and get you in the door. You can never have too many white buttons ups, but you can always have too many green button ups. Pay attention the Dark or Neutral colors that fit your skin tone best, and work it to its full potential.

The next time you go shopping, online or shopping at the mall, pay attention to the styles and colors of clothing / shoes that you are most attracted to; ask yourself: do these articles of clothing make me look cheap or expensive? How can you make this same cheap looking item look more expensive! Remember, buying affordable clothing is not the reason you look cheap, shop affordable and think/ look expensive!



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