AKA’s and God Brothers First Outing of 2018

By Amaia Beverly

Delaware State University students are complaining about being bored because there are no events happening on campus and having nothing to do overall. There has been much talk about students looking for events to go to during the week or weekend, just to get out and unwind from the stress of school work. The majority of students do not realize that most events are not publicized through social media and Delaware State’s website, but in everyday word of mouth conversation.

One important event that everyone should know about is happening Thursday, January 25, 2018. This is the AKA’S and God Brothers of DSU “Nominating Komittee.” This event will take place in the MLK parlors at 7:08pm


This event will feature many topics of discussion with competitive activities among the many different organizations on campus. Some topics that will be discussed are New York Vs. DMV, Limitless vs. 1E, HV vs. Istep, and more. Participating in this event sponsored by the AKA’s and the God Brothers will be good for students who want to meet new people, connect to get better opportunities, and also to just be able to openly express their personal opinions.

This event should be attended by every student on campus with opinions, ideas, or interest in meeting new people. Also, most people do not realize that little events like this, no matter what a person may be majoring in, can help students connect with their fellow peers or with administration and staff.

The “Nominating Komittee” is also an event to get a good outlook on other people’s view points on certain things. Events such as these are also good for people who are shy or scared to be vocal. This event is not only for social activities, but to also help motivate new students who struggle with motivation, being away from home, and adapting to being independent.

According to Mr. God Brother, John Blackson, “I am excited for the turnout with this event being that I want to meet new people that I do not know, but also would like to just help others that are struggling with maintaining their academics and social life.” After speaking with John, the Hornet has learned that the God Brothers are very active throughout the campus and always are willing to help new students. This event is just another stepping stone for this organization to become even more influential in the school’s community.

Overall, all students should attend this event, whether he or she is a freshman or upper classman. This will help the student body to come closer, grow stronger, and build bonds with others to help their brands. Most people that are aware of this event are excited to attend and meet new people. After listening to what this event will hold, it is strongly suggested that every student should go out and enjoy!

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