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Hornets: You’re Welcome to A New Semester

Hello Hornets,

Happy New Year and welcome back to another exciting semester at our great DSU. I am a big believer in mantras and affirmations, and the power word that I would like to set for this semester with the campus and for all to follow is GROWTH.

Spring semester is always a fun time because everyone is starting fresh. New year, new vibes, resolutions, and mindsets. You name it, there is something for everybody to grow in.

Whether you decide you’re going to shed a couple of pounds or make the President’s List, you can do whatever you set your mind and time management skills to. The best part in all of this? We can do it together.

Start small or big and write it down if you have to — I’ll see you at the finish line in May!



Letter from guest editor: Tameka Shockley


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