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Laughter erupts at the HOMECOMING COMEDY CLUB

By: Nadirah Livingston

Homecoming 2017 is officially over, although there were many  disappointments throughout the week, the Campus Activities Board made sure to make up for it.

One of the main attractions the Hornet Comedy Club featured were the following comedians Spank Horton, K-Dubb, Big Sean Larkins, Richie Redding, and Steve Brown. The Comedians in the lineup were not in the original act, because the original act that was a great draw for the student community was Michael Blackson, who unfortunately could not show up. That was an immense disappointment.

Student organizations such as ASA (Oyato Dancers) were notified the day before they would not be able to perform. One of the dancers, Opetunde Akinfeleye, stated: “I was really annoyed that we practiced so much, but we were unable to perform. The thing that really blew me was that we had to pay to be able to perform, but we were a source of entertainment.”

Students decided that a refund would be the best thing to compensate with the absence of the famous comedian, but refunds could not be given out. Though the new line-up had been released students were deeply displeased with the line-up because they were not familiar with the comedians.

The disappointment would not last for long, Even though the EH Theater was not completely full, the sizeable audience livened up the atmosphere.

The host for the night, Steve Brown, although edgy, put on a good show. He made the audience gasp for air due to the intensity of his jokes. He knew how to engage with his audience even to the degree of pointing out students in the crowd and picking on them. In one instance he said to a young lady that she was “shaped like a potato.” A sophomore by the name of Brigitte Edma said “He was really funny and energetic, he set the whole mood for the show. I felt his jokes were rude and controversial, but I still laughed and had an exciting time.” She also had thoughts on Blackson not attending. She stated, “Whatever Michael said for him not to perform his act, was still said at the performance.”

Another comedian who left an impression on DSU students was Richie Redding, whose skit was all about race. From black people being able to run first when in danger, to terrorist jokes, which many students did not find funny. Although a few awkward moments during the show, students felt though the fifteen dollars spent was well spent. Bria Reid, another sophomore, said “I thought it was going to be corny, because it’s DSU, but tonight changed my mind.”

What started off as a regret, soon became a memory that students will remember at their remaining years attending Delaware State University.


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