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Homecoming 2017: From a Kappa’s and a Cheerleader’s Perspective

By: Rashelle Blake

DSU Homecoming is a once a year event that reminds the student body that at the end of the day we are still a family, we are all hornets. The tailgate before the Homecoming game is always fun because there are a great number of alumni who attend. free food is in abundance and one can just feel the love in the air. Everyone comes out in their Delaware State colors and attire which gives off a welcoming feeling. This homecoming was quite different for me because this was the first homecoming that I did not go to all the events. So, I decided to interview two of my friends who went to the events that I was not able to attend to get an insight of homecoming from their point of view.

Ishmael Odoi is a 26-year-old currently enrolled in the Master’s program at Delaware State University. He will graduate in December of 2017 with a Master’s in Sports Administration. He crossed Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity spring 2016 and plans on becoming a sports marketing manager for a professional team.

What are “the plots”? And what’s it like for you as a Kappa?

The plots are where all the fraternities and sororities come together on campus. We each have our own sections and all the members as well as their family and friends. There are people on the plots during the tailgate but once the game is over the whole crowd migrates to the sorority or fraternity of their choice. We have food being made on the grill, and punch. There is also a DJ on site playing well-known hits. It was like a big family reunion being around Kappa’s who crossed before me (prophytes). We sang the Kappa hymn together. It was good seeing a lot of people in other fraternities and sororities with their prophytes as well…. We all had a good time”

How was the game?

“The game was good even though we lost, Cam Newton’s little brother is a great prospect. We still played a good game but in the end were wiped out by Howard U”

Compared to past homecoming’s how do you feel about this year? Did it go the way you expected?

“This year’s homecoming was different from the past because it ended peacefully. It was way better because everyone was getting along with each other. There were no shootings or car accidents this year so that was a great experience for us.”

Ciara Stewart, is a junior here at Delaware State University, majoring in Psychology. Ciara has been a member of Delaware State University’s cheerleading team since her freshman year. She is expected to graduate with the class of 2019. After college she hopes to become a school guidance counselor.

What is the Parade?

“The parade was the morning of the game in downtown Dover. It starts around ten in the morning. The locals of Dover come out to watch the school band pass through as we cheer and the D’elegance dances and the flag girls twirl their flags.”

What was the football game like for you this year?

“The football game was exciting; a lot of the alumna cheerleaders came out and cheered with the new members of the team. We took a lot of pictures together. We always have a new cheer prepared for homecoming. We get free food. Our parents come as well and we get to perform for them. Not only do our family and alumni come out but the student body comes out by the masses to support us as well.

Did you go to the plots after the game? How was that experience for you?

“Yes, after the game I went to the plots and the alumni usually have a tent for us where they make us hamburgers and hot dogs and other foods. It was fun for me because most of my friends were alumni so I got to see them again, reconnect and reminisce on old times. The weather was decent. We were able to enjoy it without any drama this year.”

“You get to see sisterhood and brotherhood between the sororities and fraternities and be around some good food, good music and love amongst one another.”

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