Delaware State University Hosts Fall 2017 Convocation

By: Cameron Haires & Zayin Allen

Delaware State University held it’s annual convocation on Thursday, September 14th, 2017,  introducing the freshman class.  It’s a time for reflection and celebration for them as they acknowledged their past successes and plan for new endeavors

The keynote speaker, Dr. James Moore, from DSU’s class of 1995 and now Chief Diversity Officer of Ohio State University, spoke among a few others and offered words of encouragement to students.  “Be cognizant of what you do at Delaware State. Explore your interest and leave nothing behind” are just a few of things he spoke on. His passion reached across the room as he, too, was once sitting in those same seats hearing the same message at convocations past.

Others who spoke at the convocation included SGA President, Lackerria Lewis, Provost Tony Allen, and DSU’s Chair of the Board of Trustees, Wilma Mishoe, who spoke out saying “We stand behind you in your future success and welcome you.”  The ceremony was convened by President Harry Williams with a performance by the school band.

Convocation means come together in Latin. This phrase was the main focus of Delaware State University’s event that was hosted on Sept. 14, 2017 in the Theater, Education and Humanities building by the board of trustees and President of the University, Harry Williams, along with faculty members.

As the event went on the repeated word was family. As a student of  Delaware State University, the tradition of welcoming family remains strong. Everything from the inspirational speaking of Dr. Alexandra Silver, Chairperson of faculty Senate and Lackeeria Lewis, President of Student Government Association really made the students in the audience believe that anything was possible.


The musical selection “E Oru O” sung by the Delaware State University choir wrapped a blanket of security around the audience. The choir offered a welcoming feeling with their uplifting voices. The words translate into royalty and speak of kings and queens, a reminder as to what everyone in the audience was. The impression left was that the ties that bind begin with the family.

The chair of the board of trustees, Dr. Wilma Mishoe, spoke and solidified the family oriented feeling by speaking about her “running around campus as a little girl” with her father, former University President Dr. Luna Mishoe, whom the Science Center is named after. Mishoe spoke on how her father would tell her about how she would be a leader one day. She is walking on the path that her father has made for her.

Dr. Wilma Mishoe spoke as if she wanted one if not all of the audience to take the torch and clear a new path for the school’s future. This event really spoke volumes and prepared all freshmen for the journey ahead as future scholars.

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