Student Views: “What are your plans for summer break?”

By: Taylor Brooks


Raphael Okonkwo, Nursing, Freshman (Photo: Taylor Brooks)

““I’m going to Ocean City, [New Jersey] with some friends from school for three days.”










Kasey Lee, Mass Communications, Junior (Photo: Kasey Lee)

“I may or may not take summer classes and work on my WSFS bank internship.”











Phillip Ruiz, Nursing, Freshman (Photo: Taylor Brooks)

“I’m getting married, going to Florida, Canada, and going on a cruise.”









Dominique Pierre

Dominique Pierre, Mass Communications, Junior (Photo: Taylor Brooks)

“I’m taking summer classes.”







Alicia Albarran

Alicia Albarran, Pre-Education, Freshman (Photo: Taylor Brooks)

“I’m going to Utah and taking summer classes.”










Ayanna Haynie

Ayanna Haynie, Mass Communicatinos, Junior (Photo: Taylor Brooks)

“I have an internship with Enterprise.”











Ayanna Waters, Mass Communications, Junior (Photo: Taylor Brooks)


“I’m going to be working as a summer bridge mentor at DSU.”









“I want to do an internship.”

Asaiyah Williams

Asaiyah Williams, Criminal Justice, Sophomore (Photo: Taylor Brooks)



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