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Meet Hornet Ambassador: Leah Dorsey

By: Taylor Brooks

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Hornet Ambassador? Ever wanted to know what they are, what they do and how to be one? Senior mass communications student Leah Dorsey, who also happens to be a Hornet Ambassador, answered some common questions for students looking to get involved.


Question: What is the Hornet Ambassador program?

Leah Dorsey: The Hornet Ambassador program is where students can advocate for the school to help the recruitment process for the upcoming academic year through working the New Student Orientations (NSO), Hornet Days and Open Houses.


Q: What do Hornet Ambassadors do?

LD: Hornet Ambassadors work the New Student Orientations in the summer, and work open houses and Hornet Days during the school year. Hornet Ambassadors are responsible for setting a good example while leading the potential students through their information sessions and campus tour.


Q: How can students get involved in the Hornet Ambassadors program?

LD: You can get involved by checking in with the information desk in the Administration Building, speaking to Shelvia Wright in Admissions, or by applying on the DSU student employment portal.


Q: Why do you think students enjoy being a part of this program?

LD: I think students like to be involved with the program so they can make a difference. As a Hornet Ambassador, you personally speak to students that are thinking about attending Delaware State University. You inform them about the various majors, housing, student life, and so much more. What you say can motivate people to spend their next four years at DSU. If you really love your university and take pride in it, it’s a very rewarding feeling to do for someone else what others have done for you when it comes to personal experiences and advice on the university.


Q: How do you prepare for Hornet Days?

LD: We prepare for Hornet Days by preparing red bags for the students to have when they get here. The bag contains a DSU pen, brochure and schedule for the day.


The Spring Open House is approaching on April 8, so if you’re interested in becoming a Hornet Ambassador, make your way to the Administration Building to get more information.

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