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A search for black knowledge

By: Donye Gilbert

Eminent hosted an event called “Underground Railroad” to help students learn about who paved the way for them.

Eminent is an organization that helps to uplift their fellow brothers and sisters to be the kings and queens they are meant to be. With determination, goals and dreams Eminent strives to help each other achieve their goals with compassion, encouragement and hard work.

Founder and Eminent President Jahi Ross said “I am giving board members and general members the opportunity to host events for themselves and see and understand what it is like to hold an event.”

Eminent Event coordinator Latoya Irvin had that opportunity by hosting this event. “I came up with the idea a couple days before black history month. Students at DSU don’t know their culture and who paved the road for them. This is a way to help them know who paved the way,” she said.

“Underground Railroad” was a scavenger hunt with a twist. Students were separated into groups, then were given a clue and were responsible for identifying who the person was and what building they were in based on the clues given. The team who identified each person and their correlated building first received a prize.

Muhammad Ali, Jesse Jackson and W.E.B Dubois were among a few of the notable people highlighted in the event.

With the addition of organizations like The Movement who focuses on African American culture and the African Students Association who expresses their culture through dance, it made the event fun, educational and exciting.

“I think it was really good, I learned a lot I didn’t know and it was interactive,” said Chamyra Upshur, who participated in the event.

“The event was educational; [it] allowed us on an HBCU campus to learn who paved the way for us,” said another participant Syda Isaacs.


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