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Review: “Get Out”

By: Delonte Neal

Every so often a movie is made that is not only a theatrical success, but moves audiences. Jordan Peele’s “Get Out,” written and directed by the comedian, is one such film. The 2017 film is an American comedy horror film that focuses on an interracial couple that goes to visit the young woman’s parent’s estate. In the movie, Chris, who is the boyfriend, is concerned because his girlfriend, Rose, did not inform her parents that he was African-American. Rose is a Caucasian female.

In the film, there is a great amount of racism being shown. When traveling to the parent’s estate, a deer flew across the window of the car. A police officer arrived on the scene to make a report. Chris was asked for his ID for what seemed to be no reason. Rose got into a brief argument with him explaining that she was the driver and there was no reason for him to show ID. The officer was Caucasian as well so it was viewed as an act of racism or discrimination.

When the couple arrives to the home everything seems to be normal. Very quickly, things changed. There were African-American workers at the house. There was a woman that was a maid and a man that was a gardener. They both appeared to be extremely nice so it was almost strange. Throughout the movie, Chris encounters some very odd experiences with the two. There was an event that took place at the house where a lot of the parent’s friends came over. They are all older Caucasian couples. There is one other African-American male at the event. Chris took a picture of the male and he had a very strange reaction. His nose began to bleed and he attacked Chris. The man was taken away and calmed down. Chris became very concerned and began to do some research. He felt very uncomfortable and wanted to leave. At this point, everything changed.

Earlier in the movie, Rose had stated that she didn’t date any other black guys and she didn’t know the maid and gardener well. Chris found a box with tons of pictures of her with other African-American males, the maid and gardener.

There was a sick twist and the whole family turned on Chris, and trapped him with the intent to capture him and turn him into what seemed to be some sort of slave. Luckily, Chris had a friend back home whom he was communicating with the entire time expressing the weird things that were taking place. He went to the police to explain what was going on, only to be laughed at because they felt like his story was unreal.

Chris was able to escape out of the family’s trap, killing each of them one by one. There was another scene in the movie with symbolism of racism. Rose was eating fruit loops, which are colorful and she was drinking the milk in a glass out of a straw. It appeared as if she was trying to separate the white from the colored. In the end, the friend was able to rescue him and the movie ended.

This was an extremely well thought out film. It captured so much detail and realism of what has gone on in history and some things that are still relevant today. The film did very well. The budget for the movie was $4.5 million and surprisingly on the first week of the film being released, it made $30 million. This movie indeed made had a great turn out.

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