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Student Views: What is your opinion about Donald Trump being in office?

By: Delonte Neal

Chante Waddy

Chante Waddy, senior, Mass Communications

“I believe that we have been dealt some bad cards and we just have to play them right. I did not personally vote for him. I feel like a lot people who has negative things to say are people who did not vote and that is why we are in the situation we’re in.”



Bry’ere Freeman, freshman, Mass Communications

“I simply believe that he should not have been chosen to serve as the president of our country.”




Adarius Diggs

Adarius Diggs, freshman, Mass Communications

“I like Donald Trump because he thinks of everything in a business matter which is what our country revolves around. I just hope that he handles business the correct way.”


Moet Parks

Moet Parks, junior, Psychology


“I honestly haven’t paid any attention to the election at all and didn’t even go out to vote.”






Kennedy Anderson

Kennedy Anderson, sophomore, Nursing

“I do believe that Trump has some good motives, but he is openly disrespectful and I don’t believe that a president should carry themselves in such a manner.”





William Macks

William Mack, junior, Textiles and Apparel

“My only concern with Trump being in office is if he will affect college funding because it is extremely important, especially in the black community.”



Jordan Cooke

Jordan Cooke, junior, Human Resources Management

“I don’t know what his exact intentions are with being in office, I just would like to see him continue what Obama started for this country.”







Marlon Jackson

Marlon Jackson, junior, Engineering


“In the most respectful way of putting it, I do not like him at all and do not care for him to be in office.”




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