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Fashion Spotlight: Aniya Tabor

By: Shelynn Hany

Aniya Tabor is a freshman Textile and Apparel Studies student from Maryland and is also one of many stylish students on Delaware State University’s campus. Aniya is member of Limitless Fashion Club and plans to be an event planner and a clothing merchant, post-graduation.


How would you describe your style?

I’m in between styles. I like vintage baggy clothes, but I also like a professional and more classy style. You should always have a business style to make yourself more marketable. I’m also into street style.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Rihanna. That’s my girl! It’s funny because I didn’t like fashion until I got my first pair of Baby Phat sneakers. Then I started following Kimora Lee and her style. I also love Vera Wang.

What are your favorite brands to wear?

Well, I have a Coach bag and I love Michael Kors for sure. You’ll also see me rocking Jordan’s because I’m a sneaker-head on the low.

What is your staple fashion piece?

My black hoodie. I wear the hoodie all the time. My mom gets sick of it. It holds sentimental value. I also always make sure that I have on a fresh pair of sneakers. It takes a simple outfit to another level.

What is on your do not wear list?

I’m not a fan of zebra print. I think it’s played out.

What is your favorite winter accessory?

Scarves! Scarves and hats for sure. I like the oversized scarves that can be wrapped around several times. It’s a good way to be warm and cute.

Any last words on fashion in general?

Everyone has their own style. People always like to make fun of and judge other people for what they wear, but at the end of the day they are happy. They like what they have on. So just let people wear what they want without ridicule.

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