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125th Anniversary time capsule

By: Bryanna Paynter

Considering Delaware State University is celebrating it’s 125-year evolution from it’s founding in 1892, a time capsule is the perfect thing to continue the legacy of the school’s founders.

On Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017 DSU held it’s Founders Day featuring the presentation and burial of the 125th Anniversary time capsule.

A time capsule is a historic cache of goods and information that is placed in a non-destructible container that is buried on DSU’s campus to communicate with future students and alumni. “In the most recent years, a time capsule from 1957 was unburied and within it held very interesting memoirs such as, a commencement program, a bible, and historical documentation,” said Events and Ceremonies Director Brenda Farmer.

Farmer also included that in 2017, a new time capsule will be buried here on DSU’s campus. The location has yet to be released due to legal documentation that’s needed to go forth before the burial.

Once buried the capsule is expected to be buried for at least 50 years and unveiled by recent graduates and those currently enrolled in 2067.

All information placed into the capsule will be about commencement because throughout the journey here at DSU commencement is the most important part! Alumni and staff can also donate pieces they feel are valuable to be placed within the capsule such as newspaper articles, clothing artifacts that pertain to the university, awards won, and more.

For more information on donations, contact Brenda Farmer.

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