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Center for Excellence opens

By: Taylor Brooks

The grand opening of the Center of Excellence For Student Success (CESS) was held on Feb. 23. The center is located in the William C. Jason Library in room 600.

The tutors at this center are actual teachers and focus specifically on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Non-STEM majors are welcome for tutoring in courses such as linear algebra.


CESS tutoring schedule (Photo: Taylor Brooks)

“Academic advising is where it should be, and I want people to take advantage of it,” said Dean of the Department Dr. Charlie Wilson. “This is just the start, and we hope to have more tutoring centers, so bring your friends and get involved.”

Dr. Marcel Poe encourages students to come to this tutoring center especially since pre-registration is underway and it’s time to meet with advisers. When asked how this center is different from other tutoring options in the library, Dr. Poe said the focus is specifically on STEM foundation classes that students need, but have difficulties with. “A lot of students aren’t able to move on because of those foundation classes; therefore, the tutoring center is here to focus on those specific classes so our students can move on from them.”

For sophomore biosciences major Audrey Janga, the center is a welcome addition to the school. “I’ve been using this center for tutoring and I plan on continuing,” said Janga.

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