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Celebrating the Chinese New Year

By: Kiera Bell

The 2017 Chinese Culture Festival was recently held at Delaware State University’s Education and Humanities Theatre. The director of the event was Dr. Xin Huo, the program supporter was Dr. Fengshan Liu, and vice director Penglong Xu. The event has been held at Delaware State for 10 years and is important because the Chinese community is very big on campus. The celebration of the new year has been tradition for thousands of years. This allows the students who are not home to celebrate, come together and stay connected to their traditions.

“It is very essential and meaningful for the event to be held each year because America and China are two of the greatest countries in the world, and not only for Chinese students but it is important that people are introduced to the culture.” said Dr. Fengshan Liu. Students, faculty and family were able to attend and enjoy the many performances from people all over the Dover community. The performances ranged from dancing and singing and was performed by students from Delaware State, elementary school students, and others who were in the event.

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