National Hijab Day: A day of learning for DSU students

By: Janae Faison

On February 1st, DSU’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) celebrated National Hijab Day by showing and teaching students how to properly wrap and wear a hijab and what the hijab means.

As board members of the MSA,  Noelle Moutharim, Aicha Diarra, and Emma Kiage performed the wrapping of the hijabs on participating students, they were able to show them what beauty means in the Muslim culture.

“The hijab represents beauty in women. Both men and women wear hijabs in which it stands for intelligence, modesty, and of course beauty,” Moutharim explained.

“Our beauty is considered sacred, it’s like your credit card number, you don’t just want to show any and everyone, ” she continued.

Often times people believe that the images seen on TV with women wearing hijabs that they aren’t the most stylish, but that’s completely not true.

“The misconception of hijabs are that you can’t be stylish and wear your hijab. People think you have to prudish because you’re wearing a hijab, but it actually gives you a opportunity to be cute,” said Moutharim.

While students were given opportunities to walk a day in the life of Muslim women, it was also an opportunity to learn more about the diversity on campus.

“Teaching people solidarity, with what the climate is politically, we want people to walk in other people shoes because there are a lot of hate crimes committed against women who cover and a lot of misconception which we just want to continue to break down with events like this,” explained Moutharim.

Some students expressed their support for their fellow Muslim students in participating in the event.

“I feel honored to be able to wear a hijab with so much hate being spread about Muslims. I feel beautiful,” said Katherine Pretlow.

“What the hijab stands for I do really appreciate it,” explained Jessica Talley.

The MSA plans to do a lot more events, but DSU will just have to stay tuned and be on the look out for them.


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