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The Road that Brought me here

By Keon William

I’ve done been around the world

But my hood’s what made me tough

Seen some people sleep on me

Bet right now they’re waking up.

From where we ain’t play no games

If you did, they’d call your bluff

The ones who quack’D loud

Usually had to duck


I was born July 6

It was 1994

I’m the youngest to my parents,

After me there was no more

They say ima daddy baby,

But my heart is my mother

3 sisters and a brother

But my brother ain’t my brother


I know my parents love me, but man did they fight

It had even got so bad my mother stabbed him with a knife

I was only 7 and I seen it plain in sight

It drove me to depression and use to keep me up at nights

Seen my homie lose his life

Cause he won a game of dice

That’s why I don’t trust a soul

Guess it’s just a way of life


I’m direct, like a deposit

You want power? Gain knowledge

Being “dumb” was never cool

Let’s make it cool to go to college!

I think God gave me a gift, so that I can change the world!

Show them a better way

All the boys and all the girls.


We ain’t even scratch the surface

I must carry out my purpose

Know my name! Just know my name

So I know that it was worth it.

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