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Dyman Harcum’s love for fashion turns her into a fashion blogger

By: Janae Faison

Although fashion has always been her way to express herself creatively, Dyman Harcum, junior, majoring in Textiles and Apparels Studies, has expanded to having a blog dedicated to fashion.

Harcum’s love for fashion began when she was just in elementary school in which she tried different avenues to express her creativity.

“I started off trying to design and I didn’t like that, then I tried to model and I didn’t like that. 10th grade is when I found out that buying or styling is what I really wanted to do,” explained Harcum.

Harcum expresses herself through fashion by gathering inspiration from other fashion bloggers on Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites.

“I look at people from all my social media platforms, and I try to gain inspiration from those and just add my own twist on it to make it my own.”img_7933

Experiencing some apprehension, Harcum didn’t let that stop her from creating a new avenue for herself to express herself in more ways than one.

“Living in a day and age that whenever someone tries to do something, people always see it as copying someone who has [already] done it, I didn’t want anyone to think that I was trying to copy anyone who already had [a blog].”

As her doubts began to subside, Harcum has since created a fashion blog geared towards age groups from 16 to 30.

“The reason why the age group is such a big gap is because some of the looks that I tend to wear are a tad bit more mature while sometimes I do dress for my age. It’s a good way to reach out to more people.”

Even though Harcum uses her blog as an outlet, she also is using it to expand her career in merchandising/buying.

“Having this blog not only helps me to express myself, but it also allows fashion companies to see that I’m passionate about my career path that I’m trying to take.”

Harcum plans to expand to hair and make-up styles that coincides to clothing looks that she post on her blog.

“I do consider hair and make-up fashion as well, so you guys stay on the lookout for that which will be introduced on the blog soon.”

Students and anyone interested can check out her blog at

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