A day in the life of Captain Shipman

By: Jordan Saez

On August 15, 2016, Captain Vincent Shipman became the new captain of the Delaware State University Police Department.

Captain Shipman shared what a day is like as a captain of the police force.

His main focuses are making an impact and building a positive relationship with the DSU community.

Captain Shipman graduated from the University of Delaware as a certified police officer.

After retiring from the United States Air Force, he put his prestigious degree to good use by spending 28 years as a police officer in New Castle County, Delaware.

Now, after several years in the line of duty, Shipman now oversees the operations of the police department at Delaware State University.

For Captain Shipman, most mornings begin with a review of what has happened the night before.

He must “put out any fires” by responding to emails and talking to personnel. He has to review any incidents that happened overnight or first thing in the morning. He then must discuss plans for the day ahead.

Around lunchtime, he feels that it is a great time to walk the campus, speak with the Student Government Association (SGA), and discuss safety plans for important events like he did for Homecoming 2016.

Captain Shipman works on building a positive relationship with the students and staff at the university and really cares about their concerns and feelings.

What many people may not know is that the police officers at DSU are the real deal. The department is comprised of security officers, dispatchers, and certified Delaware State police officers. The entire department is professional and trained, ready to help anyone on campus in need.

“It is refreshing to work with Captain Shipman,” says Lt. Joi Simmons, one of Shipman’s colleagues. “He brings a host of wisdom to the table to include leadership and a vast knowledge relating to law enforcement.”

Captain Shipman and Lt. Simmons both agree that public safety is a community responsibility. His training and expertise can be put in practice when students and staff make a phone call or file a report. The Delaware State University police are patrolling the area 24/7/365.

Captain Shipman encourages students and staff to report anonymous backpacks or bags as well as to file a report if someone is being harassed.

In honor of Sexual Harassment Week, Captain Shipman wore teal as well as the rest of the DSUPD.

“We are not tolerating sexual harassment,” he said.

Captain Shipman’s day does not end there.

Towards the evening, he returns to the office to check in with colleagues, check his email, and say goodnight.

However, just because he drives off campus, doesn’t mean his job is over. Captain Shipman is on-call 24/7 and is always accessible.

Being supportive, available, and maintaining a positive outlook is all in a day’s work for Captain Shipman. He summarizes his job as keeping the “engine running smooth.”

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